Attending the conference, company leaders will discuss about their business, investment issues related to sustainable development strategies they adopted during the past decade.

The attraction of ESG capital flow:

To maintain strong economic growth, Vietnam needs to develop capital markets. Foreign capital plays an important role. ESG (Environment - Social - Corporate Governance) is also increasingly important to Vietnam, a frontier market which begins catching up with governance and social factors.

Green Finance & Boycott “greenwashing”:

ESG has become a new mainstream in production and business in Vietnam and around the world. Green capital has been injected in clean energy projects, environmental protection businesses... However, it is necessary to identify "fake" sustainable development activities or practicing ESG without substance. The acts badly affect the business environment.

Marketing to reduce demand:

Local enterprises have responsibility in making efforts to align consumer demands with sustainable growth goals. However, the circular economy is contradict with the growth goals of developing countries like Vietnam? How to encourage businesses to pursue the trend of “reducing demand marketing” when they have to chase sales and profits?