1. Stable grow
  • Company size
  • Average growth of the company (revenue, profit)
  • Position of the company in the market
2. Sustainable corporate culture
  • Company size & human resources
  • Company culture practice
  • Recruiting & retaining talents
  • Work environment
3. Corporate governance
  • Products
  • Employees
  • Shareholders
4. Environment protection
  • With a clear and long-term strategy for the environment
  • There are environmental activities
5. Social responsibility
  • Strategies for social responsibility
  • Activities on community responsibility over the past years

Evaluation criteria are applied to all entries. The assessment is done according to 3 levels: exellent (3 points), good (2 points), average (1 point) total 5 items of the "evaluation criteria" part.

The final result will be the average from the Appraisal Panel.

In case companies have identical scores, the Appraisal Council will consider important factors in the categories of the "evaluation criteria" section to classify and decide on the score.